Like Alice, I Tumbled into


I’m 25 years old, living in the Bay Area, and I’m working as a program
manager for Sacramento’s housing and redevelopment agency —

 I’m bored with my job.

On this particular day, I’m at my aunt’s house looking for a box of my belongings, but in life, I’m also desperately seeking answers to big questions:

How can I heal from the tormenting cysts on my ovaries,
internal bleeding, and kidney issues?

How can I find relief? And what is the true purpose of my life?

My life has been marked by a series of afflictions ever since
two awful things happened…

At the age of 19, my heart was shattered into a million pieces
when my first love, Michael, met a mysterious death on the night of his college graduation.

The following day, I fell victim to an older man who exploited my vulnerable state, subjecting me to rape, violence, and entrapment. Despite my relentless physical problems—doctors failed to recognize the profound connection between my ailments and the emotional scars I carried.

Their solution was to prescribe pills and discuss the potential need for surgery, leaving me to cope with the weight of both physical and emotional burdens in my mid-twenties.

Self-pity and an insatiable thirst for answers consumed me.

But as I ascend the ladder into my aunt’s attic,
all I can think of is retrieving that box of mine.
I finally locate it and take a step forward.

Suddenly, the floor beneath me gives way,
and I find myself falling downward, much like



I crash hard onto the concrete garage floor below
and hear the sound of every bone in my spine moving. Intense pain courses through my body, leaving my
arm and shoulder paralyzed.

Adding insult to injury, a large, comfortable mattress meant for the dog lies just a foot away from my landing spot. If I’d taken one more step, I would have had a soft landing with no injuries. But destiny had other plans.

At that moment, my intuition speaks
with unwavering clarity.





And somehow, deep within,
I know it to be true.

The injury to my arm and shoulder leads me, for the first time, to a chiropractor.
It is here that I begin to uncover the truth—that pills and Western medicine alone are not the cure-all for my healing. Chiropractic care and acupuncture reveal their remarkable efficacy as I start
to understand how the body truly works. Remove interference, and it will heal itself.

So begins my twenty-year journey of personal healing. I dive headfirst into practices that nourish my body, mind, and soul: dance, yoga, meditation, tantra, self-hypnosis, breathing hypnosis, nutrition, Chinese medicine, and chiropractic care.

Along the way,



BUT THIS WAs just the


Furthermore, I start unraveling the intricate tapestry of emotional and metaphysical elements that intertwine with our physical well-being. This is when I meet Dr. Peter Goldman, who becomes my guide and mentor on this esoteric path. Under his tutelage, I become a Master Zone practitioner, expanding my ability to heal others on a profound level.

Along this transformative odyssey, I painstakingly shed the layers of pain accumulated from my past traumas—grief, abuse, and the haunting memories of living through bombings in Iran, where shattered windows and constant threats to life were the norm.

(I grew up under the oppressive regime in Iran, one that perpetuates the oppression of women, and it forged a deep shadow on my self-image—but that is a story for another day.)

Through relentless study and practice,
I emerged with the gift to

heal the trinity of body, mind and spirit.

Today, my life is



I do my work in the world as a rapid transformational therapist, metaphysical healer, and teacher.

I educate others through my speaking and writing. When I’m not teaching, I’m doing hands-on client work in my chiropractic office in California – but even within my chiropractic care, my technique includes the Zone Healing Technique, which is metaphysical.

So, like Alice plunging into Wonderland, I descended through the ruptured floor, 
hurtling into a new world—an extraordinary dimension where my calling as a healer took shape.
That fall wounded me and then healed me, answering my burning question: 
What is my purpose?

My purpose is clear—to guide others toward healing. Each day, I wake with excitement, 
ready to help others transform their traumas into triumphs.