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I’ve worked with thousands of clients to transform their trauma, break through their limiting beliefs, and reclaim the power of who they are.

I’m blessed to be able to support so many people in resolving their past, reconnecting to the truth of who they are, and reinventing their lives into something they are proud of. Here are just a few examples of what people have been able to create when they’ve worked with me… 

I’m always excited for my sessions with Dr Mahsa.

She provides uninterrupted attention to my needs. She gives me meaningful advice and unique healing methods. Dr. Mahsa always provides a unique approach to healing the mind and body. I feel healed after each session with her and walk away with a positive mindset on how to live a strong, healthy, positive life.

I am grateful for the exercises, new learnings, nutrition tips, supplement and vitamin protocols, books to read,she shares with me. With her support I know how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Kerry R.

Kerry R.

Dr Mahsa is truly one of a kind. She is open minded, caring, thoughtful and loving.

She looks at the problems holistically and finds solutions specifically for you. She is positive and life affirming and wants you to live your best life possible but is also real and tells you what you need to hear. She's not a preacher but a teacher and has lived and learned the lessons to teach you steps to get there. Mahsa has had a huge impact on my life and well being, both spiritually and physically, and I feel at home with her. I highly recommend working with her.

David B

David B

Dr. Mahsa always makes you feel at ease and comfortable and anything you say is interesting to her.

She is genuinely interested in YOU. During her retreat she with all of us individually and in a group setting. She understands people and their feelings. I had never been to a retreat like this before. Dr. Mahsa taught us different types of meditation, we learned about energy in the body and she also had special guests, one of whom was a shaman. I had never worked with a shaman before and found it all very interesting, almost like l was learning about my soul. I found the retreat profoundly informative and I would definitely go to the next retreat!

Vickie S.

Vickie S.


Tammy G.


Darell S.

My wife and I attended the Empower retreat with Dr Mahsa.

I was nervous at first getting to know new people is always hard for me, but the way she had set up the weekend allowed me to make connections and feel more relaxed. I was able to talk to other people who were also looking to heal.

Dr. Mahsa has a way of making you feel so comfortable. She is so down to earth and real that you feel safe to finally let your guard down. During the retreat I felt like she was talking to me directly. She would make eye contact with each one of us, with such a sense of knowing. I learned about energy in the body, meditation and some of our patterns that hold us back. Dr Mahsa has helped me more than anybody else has ever helped me. I have been carrying pain and baggage for 77 years, and this lady doctor has helped me immensely. She has shown me that there is light at the end of the tunnel and she's willing to show me the way.

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Vickie S.

My husband and I went to the Empower retreat weekend. We had a great first night dinner with some of the other attendees.

The one thing I really like about Dr. Mahsa is that she always makes you feel so comfortable and anything you say is interesting. She is genuinely interested in YOU. She worked with all people’s feelings. When she talks she looks at people, as if she is talking directly to them. I had never been to a retreat like this before. Dr. Mahsa taught us different types of meditation. We learned about energy in the body. She also brought in some special guests, one of whom was a shaman who shared his experience. I had never worked with a shaman before and found it all very interesting, almost like l was learning about my soul. We connected with others, we had great food, we danced and left learning something new. I found the retreat profoundly informative. It was a very good learning experience and I would definitely go to the next retreat!

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Mitch S.

Dr. Mahsa is a gifted, intuitive healer who listens, and you feel instantly that you are in great hands.

Results are immediate and profound. She is the best I have ever worked with.

Ashley I.

I first met Dr. Mahsa 9 years ago after a traumatic life event caused me great pain to both my body and soul.

She was quickly able to identify what was out of balance and set me on a course of healing. Her approach is unique because it comes from her strong genuine desire to help everyone she meets and her very generous spirit. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the human body and mind and always has a solution. Her methods are very gentle yet thorough and I always look forward to my sessions with her. I have never needed to seek another healer and never will!

Arezu M.

It is such a pleasure for me to write this testimonial for Dr. Mahsa!

She has truly been a healer in my life and that of my child's. Dr. Mahsa and her amazing staff have always treated us with the gentlest and kindest regard and approach, consistently offering personalized care and attention, and going above and beyond what any other conventional doctor has ever offered my family and I. Dr. Mahsa is incredibly in tune with her clients, takes the time to patiently study each patient's needs, and offers the best and least invasive healing strategies, and I've seen nothing but immediate and powerful results under her care. I highly, highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a better, more effective and comprehensive way to care for their health, and looking to access profound healing methods that will change outcomes for the better on their wellness journey. I can't say enough about her. My family and I will be under her care for life. God bless her and her healing. I don't know what I would've ever done without this healer in our lives.

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Tracie R.

I can't say enough about Dr. Mahsa! She has been a key resource to me and my family.

She has helped us with physical injuries to nutrition and detoxing as well as a better understanding of maintaining wellness in our journey to better health. There is something magical about working with a real healer whose simple touch makes an immediate difference in you feel better. Dr. Mahsa is wonderfully kind, patient and empathetic. I highly recommend her!

Diane S.

Dr Mahsa is an absolute miracle worker.

She is the ultimate holistic healer, using her years of experience and training to care for not only the body but the mind and spirit. She takes the time to understand you and caters her approach to you as an individual.
Always on the forefront of her industry, Dr Mahsa continues to educate herself and to incorporate new treatments in her practice. People drive hours to see her and we are so lucky to have her in Danville! I cannot recommend Dr Mahsa enough!

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