Resolve Your Past, Remember Who You Are, & Reconnect To Your Power

I’ve been seeing clients in person for over 15 years and I LOVE the value I get to provide when we share the same physical space. There’s a magic that happens when you get people together in a safe and shared environment. 

The transformation and accelerated change that’s possible at an in person event is far beyond what most people imagine. At my retreats you’ll be surrounded by supportive people who see, hear and accept you as you are, and the miraculous will become possible!  

When you step into a room with me
and my team, you’ll be empowered
with the tools to unlock your inner magic
and bring your life back to balance.

You’ll resolve the wars within yourself and remember the truth
of who you are so that you can heal yourself and step into your power. 

Whether you’re working to heal past traumas, trying to identify your negative beliefs, or moving past your unconscious blocks, my retreats will speed up the process. When you join this safe and supportive environment you’ll have me and the other participants there by your side guiding and encouraging you on your journey. 

Transformational Retreat

APRIL 5, 2024
Ralston White Retreat Center in Mill Valley CA 

Coming Soon...