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If you have a question about the work that I do, want to clarify details of my program offerings, or want to connect for any other reason, please use the form below to get in touch. 

Book Your Complimentary Consult


I believe that finding the “right fit” is crucial before starting any collaboration. That’s why I value providing my clients an opportunity to connect with me and communicate their needs and goals.

I invite you to take advantage of my 20-minute phone consultation. During this call, you and I will discuss how I can best assist you on your personal journey. Together we determine what is best for you and if we are the right fit to move forward.

Rapid Transformational Healing


RTT™ can help you transform your feelings of worry, anxiety, fear and loneliness, into one of joy, fulfillment, connection and freedom from false ideas that have hurt your life.

You can finally transcend from the pain of the past and experience the life you truly desire.

Coaching (RTC)


As your mentor I help you to remove the false beliefs in your mind that negatively affect the way you see yourself and the world, and to overcome the trauma of your past, the stress of survival and help you learn and create new beliefs that serve you.

Upcoming Retreats


When we are in a group of like-minded souls, we raise our vibration, we change our energy, and we open our hearts more. Opening yourself to more love allows for more healing and growth.

Join me and others just like you in a transformation retreat, in creating new beginnings, a new upgraded life, one that not only heals you but also starts to have a ripple effect in our community and world.

Join Mastermind Group


Mastermind groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support to help you and your group members achieve more personal success. We help each other to set personal goals and to accomplish them.

As the facilitator, I help the group dive deeply into conversations that matter to them, and work with members to create success as they define it.

Zone Technique


For those of you who are searching for a modality to help you recover and restore your body back to perfect health, discover zone technique, the healing art that brings back the vital connection of body, mind and soul!

If you want to request a speaking engagement please visit my speaking page, and to apply for one of my retreats, mentorships or coaching programs click here to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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