Our Services

We provide opportunities for healing, growth and personal evolution.


Whether you are stressed from juggling challenges at work or home, seeking relief from a recent injury or dealing with a longstanding issue, training for your next athletic event or simply managing too many hours a day sitting at a computer, a chiropractic adjustment can help you begin to reset and restore your equilibrium and shift towards healing, recovery, growth and personal evolution.

However, you don’t have to be symptomatic or in pain to start feeling even better. Regular ongoing chiropractic care can help you maintain a higher level of health and wellbeing by clearing subluxation patterns before they become problematic.

Expectant Mothers

Prenatal chiropractic care can profoundly influence the quality of your pregnancy and health of your reproductive system. Periodic adjustments during gestation can benefit all aspects of your health and improve the ease with which your body can adapt to the physical and hormonal changes of each trimester. Keeping expectant mothers in optimum biomechanical integrity and free from neurological interference can ensure the best environment for your baby to grow and develop.

Infants & Kids

Adjusting babies and small children is different from adjusting adults. Most of it is done using very light touch tonal contacts and craniosacral unwinding rather than the more structural work associated with adult care. Babies’ systems are very responsive and most of the work requires less than 5 grams of pressure. 

People sometimes ask, “Why would a newborn baby or young child need chiropractic care?” Infants have sensitive spines and rapidly developing nervous systems that can be interfered with in many different ways: from constraints while in utero, difficulties with the birth process, nursing challenges, physical and/or chemical stressors from pre- or post-natal interventions just to name a few. The importance of having your baby checked for subluxation and nerve interference cannot be overstated. Any blockage or disharmony in an infant or young child can lead to future health challenges as their systems mature and develop.


Chiropractic Session Options

Private Sessions

For anyone requiring a little more time or privacy, we offer one-on-one sessions with our chiropractors. These sessions are perfect for those who need a more in-depth consultation or for those whose health situation is more complex. 

If you are wondering if a private session is right for you, please consult with our office manager or your chiropractor. Many clients use occasional private sessions to complement their regular group adjusting schedule.

15 minute, 30 minute and 60 minute private sessions are available.

Group Sessions

Our most popular offering, our open adjusting room allows for easy and economical scheduling for your ongoing chiropractic care. Here you can take a pause in your busy day to explore your body, unpack any stress you might be carrying and have a moment to integrate a new level of wellbeing. 

After checking in with you, assessing your system and starting your adjusting process, your chiropractor will move around the room giving you a little time for processing and integration. Using specific contacts, typically working from light to deep touch, a gentle, intuitive process of unlocking tension patterns stored in and around your spine and nerve system unfolds.

We typically book 4 tables every 30 minutes.

Massage & Bodywork


Massage Therapy

Combinations of nurturing Swedish massage, deep tissue, myofascial stretching and trigger point therapy can be customized to your needs and applied at just the right pressure to help release stubborn areas of contraction and adhesion in your body. Margarita’s magical work initiates a profound reorganizing of your body’s habitual ways of holding stress and can be the perfect compliment to your chiropractic adjusting session.

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Bodywork Modalities

Go deeper into your healing journey with Margarita’s eclectic and soulful bodywork modalities. Book a session of Reiki infused Craniosacral Therapy or integrate Mesoamerican Fire Cupping with her traditional abdominal organ massage. Let her guide you on a soul retrieval or explore the healing power of traditional herbs incorporated into your bodywork session. 

“Margarita is amazing. It is hard to find a truly intuitive healer and she is the real deal. My 90 min massage was a mixture of deep tissue therapy and energy work at just the right moments. I love this combination of intense body work on difficult stubborn areas of my body and imbalances going on and can see and feel where to correct your body in a healing way. If you have found your way to Margarita you are in good hands.”   

—  Heather H.