Kerry R.

She provides uninterrupted attention to my needs. She gives me meaningful advice and unique healing methods. Dr. Mahsa always provides a unique approach to healing the mind and body. I feel healed after each session with her and walk away with a positive mindset on how to live a strong, healthy, positive life.

I am grateful for the exercises, new learnings, nutrition tips, supplement and vitamin protocols, books to read,she shares with me. With her support I know how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

David B

She looks at the problems holistically and finds solutions specifically for you. She is positive and life affirming and wants you to live your best life possible but is also real and tells you what you need to hear. She’s not a preacher but a teacher and has lived and learned the lessons to teach you steps to get there. Mahsa has had a huge impact on my life and well being, both spiritually and physically, and I feel at home with her. I highly recommend working with her.

Vickie S.

She is genuinely interested in YOU. During her retreat she with all of us individually and in a group setting. She understands people and their feelings. I had never been to a retreat like this before. Dr. Mahsa taught us different types of meditation, we learned about energy in the body and she also had special guests, one of whom was a shaman. I had never worked with a shaman before and found it all very interesting, almost like l was learning about my soul. I found the retreat profoundly informative and I would definitely go to the next retreat!